FLIR PRIMED: Episode 5

FLIR PRIMED: Episode 5

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Biological agents are some of the most toxic substances known to man. But unlike other agents, their effects are usually delayed and can spread like wildfire unseen. In FLIR PRIMED episode 5, we cover:

  • What are bio-agents?
  • What is the appropriate PPE for First Responders and Hazmat Techs?
  • What actions should I take at a suspected biothreat scene?

Watch Episode 5 now at and then download the free guide: Bio-Toxins and Lethal Dose.

FLIR PRIMED is a CBRNE Training Video Series. Every few weeks, we’ll deliver best practices, industry insights, and real-life experiences that help you stay prepared. Each episode will be accompanied by a field checklist or downloadable guide that you can use right now! See more at


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