FLIR PRIMED: Episode 12 FLIR PRIMED: Episode 12

FLIR PRIMED: Episode 12

Thursday, August 10, 2017


GC-MS is the gold-standard confirmatory technology used by labs to analyze chemical samples, but the need for this capability extends beyond the lab and into the field. Did you know a GC-MS can be used to identify narcotics and the opioid sub-class? Fentanyl is a growing opioid epidemic and poses a significant threat to responders. 

In FLIR PRIMED episode 12, Grant provides a brief overview of what a GC-MS can do: 

  • types of chemicals it can identify
  • how it complements other detection technologies in the responder tool kit
  • field applications it supports

Watch episode 12 now at and then download the free guide: “Chemical Response Tools from Colorimetric Tests to GC-MS”.

FLIR PRIMED is a CBRNE Training Video Series. Every few weeks, we’ll deliver best practices, industry insights, and real-life experiences that help you stay prepared. Each episode will be accompanied by a field checklist or downloadable guide that you can use right now! See more at

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