FLIR A5sc, A15sc, & A35sc Camera Kits

Real-Time Thermal Imaging and Analysis for Machine Vision and Test & Measurement

The A5sc, A15sc, and A35sc are affordable Infrared Camera Kits designed specifically for thermal bench top testing applications. The compact packaging allows the AX5 Series to be deployed in locations where size constraints are paramount. Available in a variety of pixel resolutions and to meet the spatial resolution requirements of most applications.

FLIR also offers E40 and T420 bench top test kits. Check out all the details: FLIR Thermal Bench Top Test Kits

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FLIR A-Series

FLIR A5X Series Camera Kits:

  • Eliminate the Guesswork See heat patterns with the thermal imagery and extract temperature values from live or recorded imagery.
  • Uncooled Microbolometer Detector—Maintenance-free and provides excellent long wave imaging performance
  • Pixel Resolution — Available in 80x64, 160x120, 320x240 pixel formats to achieve numerous fields of view.
  • Versatility—Compact, rugged, and lightweight with straightforward mounting that permits quick installation and easy movement for new application requirements
  • Plug-and-Play Compatibility—ideal system integration solution with universal plug and play through GigE Vision and GEN<i>CAM protocols. The camera can be fully configured from the PC, allowing camera control and image capture in real time.
  • Fast Data Transfer—Equipped with an RJ-45 gigabit Ethernet connection that supplies a 14-bit images at rates as high as 60 Hz.
  • Image and Data Acquisition – Record thermal snapshots and movies with FLIR Tools + recording and analysis software.
  • Kit Components - includes everything needed for quick “out of box” deployment.