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OEM Camera Cores & Components

The OEM group at FLIR Systems is ready with products that can be "designed in," whether your application needs longwave, midwave, shortwave, near infrared or will cover the x-ray, ultraviolet or visible bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.


FLIR Camera Cores

Camera Cores

From longwave to midwave to shortwave IR, FLIR's thermal camera cores are designed for easy and efficient integration into higher level assemblies and platforms.


FLIR Components


FLIR's readout and component devices include 2-D, X-Ray, linear, and custom ROICs, as well as focal plane arrays (FPAs), packaged sensors, and emitters.


FLIR Laser Systems

Laser Systems

FLIR offers solid state laser-based rangefinders that offer best-in-class performance for SWAP-centric applications and VCSEL-based IR illuminators that deliver speckle-free, highly efficient NIR/SWIR lighting.


FLIR Optics


FLIR designs and manufactures a wide range of infrared and visible optical components and coatings, for applications in our own products and as a supplier of state-of-the-art technology to the EO/IR industry.


FLIR Pan-Tilt Systems

Pan-Tilt Systems

FLIR Motion Control Systems (MCS) pan and tilt mounts help lower your development risk and increase your first-time application success through innovation, adaptability, quality, and durability.