• The Power of
    Micro Thermal Imaging
    The FLIR Lepton® is Leading
    the Micro Thermal Revolution
  • Three Mighty Lepton® Models
    Two Lens Options, Plus a Shutter for Easy Calibration
  • See What Micro Thermal Imaging Can Do
    Lepton® is the Technology Behind FLIR's Ground-Breaking Thermal Imagers

How will You use Lepton?

FLIR Lepton® is a revolutionary longwave infrared (LWIR) imager that is ten times less expensive than traditional thermal cameras.

With a resolution of 80 × 60 active pixels, Lepton is bringing thermal imaging to a new generation of electronic devices for work, play, and mission-critical applications.

And Lepton is available in three models: 50° FOV w/o shutter, 25° FOV w/o shutter, and 50° FOV with a shutter for manual calibration.

Why choose Lepton?

  • World’s Smallest Thermal Imager
    Compact thermal imaging for mobile and stationary electronics
  • Enhanced IR sensor
    Greater heat detection than common thermopile arrays
  • Easy Integration
    Simplified R & D of emerging thermal-enabled devices


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Lepton® Applications

Safety & Security

See people lurking around in the dark at your home or business.


Detect living beings in a car to prevent children or animals from being left in hot cars.

Micro and Nano UAV/UGV

Lepton® makes even smaller UAV/UAG platforms possible.


Find hidden air leaks, missing insulation, and water damage.

Presence Detection

Use Lepton® as a sensor to operate doors or activate HVAC systems automatically.

Doing Business with FLIR Systems

The FLIR Lepton® is a full IR camera solution that is smaller than a dime, can fit inside a cell phone, and is 10 times less expensive than a traditional IR camera. Contact your FLIR sales representative today to discuss how you can incorporate FLIR thermal imaging technology into your manufacturing solutions.

Learn More About Lepton®

For more information on how Lepton® can change your products, just give us a little info and we’ll be in touch!