Video Tracking and Image Processing Electronics

The VILGA processor enables tracking from multiple video sources, with target highlighting and graphics overlay. Once engaged, the video tracker can drive a turret to the target.


VILGA also offers a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode, allowing video from two (out of three possible) sensors to be output on a single display. The user can select which sensor to display as full screen in the overlaid PIP mode. The PIP mode feature is particularly useful when using a high magnification camera in combination with a wide field of view camera.


For environments susceptible to movement caused by wind or other factors, VILGA features electronic image stabilization.


Features & Benefits:

  • Video Tracker embodies the latest image processing algorithms
  • Picture-in-Picture mode for displaying up to 2 video sources on a single screen, simultaneously
  • Electronic stabilization of images from external video sources
  • Ruggedized design enables embedded image processing features in the smallest possible footprint
  • Robust real time operating system (RTOS) with minimum latency time for critical tasks