Marine Thermal Night Vision Cameras

First Mate

First Mate & First Mate MS

First Mate & First Mate MS put the same thermal night vision mojo in the palm of your hand that we use in our best-in-class Navigator II, Voyager, and M-Series camera systems, so you can see at night like never before. Starting at only $1,999, you can afford take thermal night vision with you wherever – and whenever – you want.

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M-Series   M-Series
When was the last time you saw something that outperformed everything on the planet and was easy to use? Now you have. The M-Series cameras deliver up to four-times the resolution of other systems, giving you clear, sharp images with detail you never thought possible in such an affordable thermal night vision system. Learn More
Navigator II   Navigator II
Imagine if you could navigate safely, even on the darkest nights. Now you can, with FLIR's Navigator II -- a low-cost thermal imager designed for maritime navigation and collision avoidance! With Navigator II, it's easy to see floating debris, channel markers, and other boats in total darkness and reduced visibility. Don't let darkness drive you off the water: cruise with Navigator II. Learn More
The SeaFLIR lightweight multi-sensor gimbal packs enormous performance into a small package. The stabilized long-range thermal imager is well suited to both navigation and security applications with the imaging power to see targets at the horizon. SeaFLIR's long-range daylight camera can zoom in on activity and read registration numbers when conditions permit. Learn More
Voyager II   Voyager
With two thermal cameras and a dual function daylight/low-light color camera Voyager is a powerful, stabilized multi-sensor thermal imaging system that gives you situational awareness, obstacle avoidance, navigation, and long-range hazard and vessel detection. Now with a ton of new options like improved Radar Tracking, Video Tracking, and Temperature Indication. Learn More