NMEA - "Best Specialty Product"

Main Image - NMEA


FLIR’s First Mate handheld thermal night vision camera picked up yet another award this October at the 2010 National Marine Electronics Association Conference and Expo in Seattle, Washington. NMEA Technology awards single out the year’s best new electronics products and are judged on innovation, benefit to boaters, practicality, and value. The First Mate HM-224 Pro model took home the honors in the “Marine Specialty” category.

The First Mate is an affordable, handheld thermal imaging camera that gives every boater the power to see more – and see farther – than any other handheld night vision technology. First Mate is lightweight and compact for easy handheld use in any location, but also mounts easily to a vessel, and can display video in a previously installed multi-function display.

The First Mate HM-224 Pro offers high quality 240 × 180 thermal imagery for excellent detail, clarity, and range performance along with multiple lens options, including a 19 mm lens with 24° field of view, and a 2× optical lens extender.

For the past four years running, FLIR has taken home the Marine Specialty Award sponsored by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Conference and Expo. Every year, NMEA selects an exclusive group of electronics, engines, and boats that have made a significant and notable impact in the marine community, recognizing the most innovative products on the market. In 2010, FLIR's First Mate took home the Marine Specialty Caterory Award. Navigator took home the Marine Specialty Category Award at NMEA in 2008 and 2009. In 2007 FLIR’s thermal imaging technology won the Marine Specialty Category Award.