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1. Can lenses be interchanged on FLIR cameras? Will FLIR calibrate my lens with a Tau2 or Quark2?

2. Is there any required maintenance that is necessary for proper operation of the Tau2 or Quark2 that is not documented in the User’s Manual or Guide?

3. Will FLIR provide a soft copy of their operator, user, installation, maintenance, repair and other manuals for use in a system into which the Tau2 is built?

4. Will FLIR provide rights to copy its OEM product documentation for distribution to the US Government?

5. What is the MTBF for Tau2 and Quark2 cameras? Can FLIR provide any detailed analysis or test reports?

6. If an MTBF does not exist would FLIR supply a bill of material so that an analysis can be performed?

7. Does FLIR have any field failure rate data for Tau2, Quark2 that could be provided?

8. How are FLIR's thermal cameras identified for warranty tracking purposes? Is there a serial number, unique ID number, etc.?

9. How does FLIR inform existing customers about changes in the manuals, software or hardware that affect form, fit or function of Tau2?

10. Can FLIR provide a spectral response curve for Boson, Tau2, Quark2 cameras?

11. Does FLIR offer GSA pricing for Boson, Tau2, or Quark2 cameras?

12. Does FLIR offer discounts for educational institutions?

13. Can FLIR provide the SDK documentation, or a list of functions controlled by the SDK, so we can make a decision on whether to order it?

14. Would the VPC and the GUI allow a Tau2 or Quark2 camera to be directly connected to a PC or laptop?

15. Is a special USB cable needed to use the Tau2 Video, Power, Communication (VPC) accessory?

16. Will the VPC allow an image from Tau2, Quark2 to be displayed on a PC or is a video frame grab card needed?

17. Can the USB port on the Tau2 or Quark2 VPC accessory be used to just supply power, and use the coax connection for analog image?

18. If the Photon Replicator Kit is used with Tau, is the Photon (Camera Control) GUI needed?

19. Is there a connector or adapter board available for Tau2 which provides an RS-232 interface, instead of the VPC module offered by FLIR?

20. Does the analog video format (NSTC, PAL) need to be specified when an order is placed for Quark2 or Tau2?

21. Does FLIR offer any kind of enclosure for Boson, Tau2 or Quark2 cameras?

22. Do Tau2 and Quark2 cameras support TTL-level communication?

23. Is there a reference design that allows an expansion board to be designed for Tau2?

24. Will the Photon replicator board used for the Tau2 320 work with the Tau2 640?

25. How is the analog video formatted for the Tau2 324, 336, 640? Is the video data interlaced or progressive? Does FLIR use frame averaging to reduce noise?

26. Can the Tau2 GUI be used with other FLIR cameras?

27. What material is used for the window of the Tau2 sensor package? What is the window thickness?

28. Can the lens focus be adjusted on Quark2, Tau2, and legacy Photon cameras?

29. What is the latest version of firmware for the Tau2, Quark2?

30. Where can the latest version of Tau2 firmware be obtained?

31. Are Tau2 and-or Quark2 SW and FW release notes available?

32. Is the electrical interface, communication protocol the same for both legacy Photon and Tau2?

33. The information on at the FLIR website varies ( “pseudo-RS232” in the description, “USB” in the comparison, “serial using 3.3V signal levels” in the user guide). Can this be clarified?

34. Are details of the Tau2 optical interface available for customers that want to use a third-party lens with the camera?

35. Does FLIR offer software that can be used to calibrate a third-party lens with a Tau2 camera?

36. Will FLIR provide the inputs it uses for NVTherm models? Does FLIR run NVTherm models for customers?

37. Does FLIR offer MWIR bolometers, i.e., bolometers that are sensitive to mid-wave infrared?

38. Does the digital zoom feature affect the LVDS output?

39. How can I determine which lens version will work best for my application?

40. What is included with a Tau2 or Quark2 camera delivery?

41. Can a Tau2 or Quark2 simply be connected to power and a video display?

42. How much does the Tau2, Quark2 camera weigh?

43. How are FLIR's microbolometer arrays packaged? Are they under vacuum? Why?

44. Are Boson, Tau2, and Quark2 rolling shutter cameras or framing cameras?

45. What is the occasional clicking sound made by the Tau2 camera? What is FFC?

46. Is an export license required for Tau2, Quark2 thermal imaging cameras?

47. What is the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for Tau2, Quark2, Lepton?

48. Is there a recommended connector or cable harness that can be used to interface to the SAMTEC 30-pin connector?

49. Can two legacy Photon cameras be set up as master and slave for synchronization purposes?

50. What is the voltage on the legacy Photon serial port? Do I need to access the serial port for normal operation?

51. What would be needed to integrate Tau2 on a vehicle and run it?

52. For Boson, Quark2, and Tau2 cameras used on vehicles for driver vision enhancement (DVE) or situational awareness, how would the operator inside view the scene?

53. Can the video format of Tau2, Quark2, and legacy Photon cameras be changed from NTSC to PAL (or PAL to NTSC) ?

54. Does operating Tau2, or Quark2, or legacy Photon cameras at less than 9 Hz reduce the camera power consumption?

55. There is a reference to the aspect ratio of the Tau2, Quark2, Photon video as being 4:3, however the image on our monitor is 5:4. Is this a problem?

56. Is the 14-bit digital output of FLIR's OEM cameras true usable 14-bit data from the array?

57. Can FLIRs OEM cameras be completely controlled using a PCI-1422 frame grabber card?

58. Can FLIR's OEM cameras accept an external sync from the PCI-1422 to command the camera to digitize imagery at 30 frames per second?

59. Can a frame grabber be used to command a FLIR OEM camera to perform a NUC on demand?

60. Can the frame grabber be used to turn on and off AGC and adjust contrast and brightness? Can we read out the NUC parameters from the camera?

61. Can a FLIR OEM camera data be streamed to disk over the PCI-1422 card and displayed real time?

62. I have lost or can’t find or don’t remember receiving the camera control software or User’s Guide. How can I get a copy?

63. What is needed to create my own application to control and or acquire digital data using Quark2 or Tau2?

64. As for camera control software, what does FLIR offer and what are the capabilities?

65. Can any of FLIR's Camera Control software run on a Mac?

66. Do Tau2 or Quark2 cameras allow for thermography and temperature characterization?

67. If a lens-less FLIR OEM camera core is purchased, how can it be calibrated with a lens?

68. Is there Linux support for Quark2, Tau2, legacy Photon cameras?

69. Is the spectral response of the microbolometer array 7.5µ to 13.5µ, or is the spectral response a function of the lens?

70. Should I clean the camera lens, and how?

71. How do water droplets on the camera lens affect the image? Do they affect the image as much as on a visible light range camera?

72. Is there a good reflector for IR? Can a standard front surface mirror be used or are there other materials available?

73. What are the detection ranges for the various Tau2, Quark2 lens versions?

74. What is the Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) filter?

75. Do Boson, Tau2, or Quark2 meet any military environmental specifications or requirements?

76. Can Boson, Tau2, Quark2 cameras be pointed at the sun?

77. Can the FLIR start-up splash screen be disabled in Tau2 and Quark2 cameras? Can a different splash screen be used?

78. The on-screen video overlays interfere with aspects of our system. Can the symbology be turned off or changed?

79. What material is used for the sensor windows of FLIR's uncooled cameras? Does the window have an anti-reflection (AR) coating? Can these cameras image below 8µ?

80. Is the black border on my PAL Tau2, Quark2 video a problem with my monitor, or even a bug in the camera?

81. What is the difference between the PathFindIR II and Boson, Quark2, Tau2 cores?

82. What is the difference between active IR and thermal imaging?

83. What is the material specification of the camera frame used in FLIR's OEM modules?

84. What is the relationship between lens f-number and camera performance or NEdT?

85. Is there a way to remove the FLIR splash screen from the Tau2 camera? Or can that only be done by the factory?

86. Do the Tau2 324, 336, and Tau2 640 cameras have the same internal symbology capability and interface?

87. Is the symbology resolution the same between the Tau2 324, 336, and 640 cameras?

88. Is there documentation that explains how to interface to the sync pin on the Camera Link board?

89. Does FLIR plan to offer faster lenses for its OEM cameras, such as f-1.0?

90. What does the Camera Link accessory do?

91. What is the back working distance (BWD) of the Tau2 camera?

92. Can FLIR suggest sources for the Hirose mating connector used on Tau2?

93. What is the Tau2 PCB Wearsaver and what does it do?

94. What is the sensitivity of Tau cameras in Watts per m^2 ?

95. Can FLIR supply a thermal sensor without an IR window? Or, with a custom window? If not, how difficult is it to remove the window?

96. How does FLIR test its thermal camera cores and lenses for sealing to IP67? Is a vacuum test used?

97. How do I purchase a mini-coaxial (MCX) video cable? What is the MCX size?

98. Are Tau and Tau2 electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliant? Are Tau, Tau2 rated for compliance with and FCC standard (or equivalent) for electromagnetic emissions?

99. What is the line burst rate for the image data coming from the Tau2 640 camera? If the Camera Link accessory is used with the Tau2 640 camera, is the line burst rate the same?

100. Is the Photon Replicator Board compatible with the Tau2 324, 336, and 640 camera models?

101. With the Photon Replicator Board, can the Ethernet Module be used with the Tau 320, Tau2 324, and Tau2 336 cameras?

102. Do the Tau2 324 and 336 camera models have selectable throughput of either 30 Hz or 60 Hz?

103. What connector fits on the unpopulated 20 connection pads of the Tau2 Wearsaver board PN 250-0350-00?

104. What connections are available on the Tau2 Wearsaver board PN 250-0350-00?

105. The Tau2 EXT_SYNC definition specifies 100ns sync pulses. Do the pulses have to be that short for a Tau2 to sync as a slave?

106. Does the Tau2 trigger on the leading or trailing edge of the EXT_SYNC signal?

107. What happens to a Tau2 which is operating at a frame rate less than 15 Hz as driven by the EXT_SYNC signal?

108. Can I use the external sync at 60 Hz on 60 Hz capable Tau2 cameras?

109. Can I use the EXT_SYNC signal to synchronize the Tau2 to a one-shot event?

110. Are there limitations on the use of external synchronization using the EXT_SYNC signal?

111. When changing to Manual AGC, what needs to be done to generate a useful image?

112. What voltages can I use on the Tau2 and Quark2 serial port?

113. What is the damage threshold for Tau2 and Quark2 cameras? Can Tau2 and Quark2 cameras be used for LASER beam profiling?

114. How do I convert analog video information to temperature?

115. Can I convert 8-bit AGC’d data to temperature in manual AGC mode?

116. What is the influence of the camera temperature on the pixel readings? Can this be corrected by a linear model?

117. What calibration terms are applied in the camera? There is the FFC and also the gain calibration. Are there others? Can I do my own calibration?

118. How can I interface to the Tau2 when the Photon Replicator board is installed? What are the RS-232 logic levels for a Tau using the Photon Replicator board?

119. Does Tau2 or Quark furnish an ability to wirelessly transmit or downlink video data from an unmanned vehicle or drone?

120. What is the difference between Full and Advanced Radiometry - Thermography?

121. Does FLIR's SDK include support for Red Hat - Linux?

122. What is the purpose of the 'Set RAD RBFO External Parameters' command?

123. What is the flat-field correction (FFC) or shutter interval for Lepton?

124. With the Camera Link module installed, is the Tau2 analog video disabled?

125. Is it true that Tau2 can only output either analog or digital video, but not both?

126. How many bits per pixel is the digital output?

127. Is the resolution of FLIR's 640 cameras truly 640, or is is duplicated 320?

128. What is the Schedule B number for Boson, Tau2, and Quark2 cameras?

129. What is a Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) classification number and a Schedule B number?

130. Why do Boson, Tau2, and Quark2 cameras need Schedule B and HS numbers?

131. What is the lowest bandwidth video for transmission using a 9 Hz camera?

132. Can the Tau2 324 and 336 cameras directly output 320x240 analog video?

133. Can FFCs be performed entirely in post-processing or off-line without data loss?

134. Does the NUC table in use depend on what the FPA temperature was when the camera was powered on?

135. What happens to the data as a NUC table boundary is crossed? Is there risk of image saturation?

136. How does FLIR calibrate thermal cameras? What is NUC?

137. Are there any caveats as regards FLIR's 4-inch blackbody sources?

138. Is the Tau2 susceptible to degradation when exposed to sea spray?

139. What is the proper O-ring to use on the Tau2 wide field of view lens holder for sealing?

140. Tau2 Sealing O-ring


142. Does FLIR have data sheets for the iris-shutter versions of Tau2?

143. How shock-tolerant is the iris shutter used in the Compact Tau2?

144. What are the high and low threshold levels for Tau2 at the UART input and output?

145. Why doesn’t DDE appear to have an effect on AGC?

146. Does FLIR have a counterfeit protection plan?