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FLIR Participates in illUmiNations: Protecting Our Planet

To help kick off the United Nations Climate Summit, the Oceanic Preservation Society and Obscura Digital lit up the UN General Assembly Hall and the Secretariat Building with a projection titled “illUmiNations: Protecting Our Planet."

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FLIR ONE at play

16 ways to use FLIR's incredibly fun predator-vision iPhone camera

There's no doubt about it, being able to see more than just the visible spectrum is the closest thing most of us will ever have to superpowers...

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FLIR in the Wild

Researchers use infrared to gain new insights into wildlife behavior

Researchers around the world are using infrared imaging and thermal technology to uncover the secrets of animal and wildlife behavior.

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Infrared camera used to protect firefighters

Channel 9 News - Steamboat Springs, CO

The rural roads of north Route County, like many mountain places, can be full of hidden wildlife dangers. Most people have either hit an animal or know someone who has...

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Lost hiker found with FLIR coverage

Lost hiker found with FLIR

A 53-year-old woman lost after sunset in Massachusetts's largest state forest was recently rescued by State Police using a helicopter equipped with FLIR thermal imaging.

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Home Inspection

Handyman, Glenn Haege, discusses FLIR ONETM with CEO, Andy Teich

American's Handyman, Glenn Haege, discusses the benefits of infrared imaging for home improvement projects and contractors with FLIR President and CEO, Andy Teich.

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