FLIR Brings Thermal Imaging into the Classroom

FLIR Brings Thermal Imaging into the Classroom

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

FLIR C2 Education Kit

On any given day in elementary schools and universities around the world, teachers and students discuss the fundamentals of science. The theories and concepts involving heat and heat transfer, however, have been difficult for teachers to explain and for students to understand or visualize. Until today.

At FLIR, we’ve helped solve the challenge of heat visualization through our thermal imaging technology for decades. Today, we’re excited to bring this technology into the classroom with the FLIR Thermal Imaging Experience classroom kit. The kit combines the FLIR C2 compact thermal camera, a tripod mount and teaching resources for K-12 classrooms and higher education to help explore the science in an interactive and engaging way.

With FLIR thermal imaging cameras used in a range of building, mechanical, electrical and agriculture applications just to name a few, educators around the world have appreciated the real-world problem-solving capabilities for thermal. Now, by offering an easy-to-use thermal camera and a rich set of teaching material, we’re providing educators and students the opportunity to visualize heat and temperature like never before.

Jointly developed by FLIR and top educators, including Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University, the teaching materials offer K-12 teachers and students the ability to:

  • Conduct experiments that introduce students to thermal properties to see how some objects are better insulators than others. 
  • Visualize friction and the conversion of kinetic energy into thermal energy.
  • See how heat conducts different materials such as wood, metal and plastics. 

The Higher education toolkit is designed to assist with the use of thermal infrared technology within engineering and science courses such as Thermodynamics, Engineering, Physics, and Electrical and Computer Sciences. This coursework includes:

  • An overview of radiative transfer, including how a greenhouse works. 
  • Infrared radiation to learn how it works through demonstrations using a thermal camera. 
  • The conversion of kinetic energy into thermal energy, which is indicated by an increased temperature. 
  • An introduction to the thermal properties of different materials and objects and whether they are good heat conductors or insulators.

The FLIR Thermal Imaging Experience classroom kit is available now for teachers and students with an exclusive discount of $499 (normally $699). FLIR will continue to create materials and provide coursework for educators, and we’re excited to extend this opportunity to teachers and student alike.

For more information about kit including the materials, experiments and the C2 camera, visit:

Also, be sure to see this video about a classroom in Downey, California using thermal imaging to teach thermodynamics: