FLIR Celebrates Lepton Anniversary with Two New Products

FLIR Celebrates Lepton Anniversary with Two New Products by Andy Teich, CEO

Monday, January 4, 2016

Andy Teich, President and CEO

Today at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), FLIR introduced the FLIR Scout TK and the FLIR TG130, two thermal handheld cameras for people to use at home, work, and play. Enabled by an historic technological advancement we made two years ago, both products reinforce our pursuit to deliver a sixth sense to an ever-increasing population of users around the world.

At CES 2014, FLIR unveiled the revolutionary Lepton microcamera, the world’s smallest microbolometer-based thermal imaging camera module. The innovation dramatically reduced the size, weight, and power of thermal technology, but most importantly, Lepton’s unique design and high-volume orientation have resulted in significant cost reductions which will enable a whole new universe of products and applications. Lepton symbolized a giant step for FLIR, and the industry, to make thermal imaging more accessible to the masses by enabling the development of a wide range of innovative low-cost, consumer-oriented products.

Since introducing Lepton in early 2014, including those announced today, we’ve announced 13 Lepton-based products that provide people with enhanced situational awareness, improved safety and increased productivity. From the first and second generation FLIR ONE accessories for smartphones to the low-cost handheld FLIR K2 firefighting camera, these devices showcase the breadth of devices we create for first responders, consumers, and professionals. Our two latest products are no exception.

With the Scout TK, the outdoor explorer now has a lightweight, pocket-sized thermal vision monocular providing the ability to see clearly in total darkness. The TG130 spot thermal camera will help the do-it-yourself homeowner identify rooms with poor insulation and locate heating issues around doors and windows. Both products feature groundbreaking low prices in their respective categories thanks to Lepton.

We continue investing in research and development to enhance Lepton’s capabilities, and in 2015 we made Lepton available in three variations. Two shutterless models offer a choice of either a 50 degree or 25 degree field-of-view (FOV) lens, and a third model contains a 50 degree FOV lens with a built-in shutter that automatically recalibrates the camera. Each Lepton also offers optional temperature-stable output to support absolute temperature measurement capabilities.

But developing our own products is only one part of our Lepton strategy. Providing original equipment manufacturers (OEM) access to Lepton to integrate into their own unique devices is equally critical. In 2015, we made Lepton available through several leading component supply outlets including Digi-Key Electronics, Avnet, Inc. and Future Electronics. This type of distribution makes the technology accessible to a broader set of OEMs, small businesses, and the maker community, and as a result we are seeing Lepton adoption for applications as diverse as automotive, gaming, wearable devices, drones, public safety, and the Internet of Things (IOT).  

We’re excited by the momentum behind Lepton, and the future of affordable, thermal-equipped devices is incredibly bright. We look forward to building more innovative products that continue to exemplify FLIR’s mission of being the World’s Sixth Sense, helping people save lives, protect the environment, enhance productivity and explore their surroundings in entirely new ways. 

If you are attending CES this week, visit the FLIR in South Hall Four booth #36211 to see all of our products.   

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