Local Heroes: Massachusetts State Police Air Wing Rescue

Local Heroes: Massachusetts State Police Air Wing Rescue

Friday, January 29, 2016

by Andrew Saxton, FLIR Surveillance team

At FLIR, we’re privileged to create technologies that help play a critical role in helping save peoples’ lives on both land and sea. Whether it’s a search and rescue operation, a manhunt or car chase, we find amazing stories every month about law enforcement officers around the globe using FLIR’s thermal and visible imaging equipment to help save a life or keep our communities safe.


Today we’re excited to launch a new series called ‘Local Heroes’ that highlights one these operations. This month we’re pleased feature a rescue by the Massachusetts State Police.

On January 2, the Massachusetts State Police Air Wing dispatched their State Police helicopter equipped with a FLIR Star SAFIRE HD to helped locate a missing hiker after dark in the J.A. Skinner Mountain State Park near Amherst, Mass. Airwing pilot, Trooper Edward Mathurin, and tactical flight officer, Trooper Eric Fairchild, traveled to the area in state police helicopter “Air 4”. After dark at about 9:00 p.m. local time, using FLIR’s thermal imaging technology, the Airwing crew located the lost hiker, directed emergency services personnel from the Hadley Fire Department to her location where she was escorted out of the woods to safety.

We applaud the Massachusetts State Police and their efforts in this successful operation!

This is just one example of the bravery and heroics of our law enforcement officers and one of the reasons why we at FLIR love coming to work every day.

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