FLIR’s X6900sc Science Camera Makes its Debut at SPIE Photonics West

FLIR’s X6900sc Science Camera Makes its Debut at SPIE Photonics West

Friday, February 12, 2016

Dave Bursell, Vice President Business Development, Science

Today at the Photonics West show, FLIR introduced the X6900sc, the fastest commercial infrared camera at a full 640 × 512 resolution. This is an historic technological advancement in the research and development community because the X6900sc blends all the features of a high speed visible camera with FLIR’s advanced thermal camera technology. The result: a camera with an extremely fast frame rate (1000 frames per second) and superior resolution and sensitivity.

We understand that speed is necessary for research and development applications, and we have invested time and research in the X6900 to ensure users can get accurate temperature readings on fast moving objects. This will be extremely useful in airbag, fuel injection, or break testing, to name a few. The X6900sc is also ideal for measuring the thermal transients of objects that heat up at extreme speeds. Electronics board testing and rocket engine testing are some of the many applications where the X6900sc’s high speed performance is key.

Speed aside, this camera is a technical milestone because it has so many new features. Advanced triggering helps users synchronize to external sensors or events, and the four-positions warm filter wheel allows for spectral filtering options. Perhaps one of the most impressive features of the X6900sc is its on-camera recording capabilities. Rather than purchasing a high-speed data recorder, the X6900sc allows users full resolution recording to on-camera RAM for up to 26 seconds. It also comes with a removable SSD drive for quick download and off camera data analysis. 

We’re excited about the future of the X6900sc and even more excited to see how it will make an impact on the research and development community. If you’re at Photonics West this weekend, be sure to stop by booth 2632 and see the camera for yourself.