Developers: Making Products with Lepton

Developers: Making Products with Lepton

Thursday, May 12, 2016

There’s a growing community of tech-oriented people that love using the latest technology to build gadgets and products. Called “Makers” or hobbyists, they create things in their spare time - particularly in the open hardware and hardware hacking electronics communities. Today FLIR launched a new website – – dedicated to Makers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that aims to help them build groundbreaking products using the FLIR Lepton.

The FLIR Lepton is our lowest cost microcamera that’s integrated into FLIR’s own products such as the FLIR ONE smartphone accessory and TG130 handheld industrial inspection tool, or partner products likes the CAT S60 rugged smartphone.  FLIR makes the Lepton cores available to the Maker community for building products, and the new site helps streamline the process to make it easier and faster for Makers to get started.

The new site offers makers a central location for developers interested in making with Lepton and includes:

  • A step-by-step roadmap to start making with Lepton
  • Technical reference documentation to help build products with Lepton
  • Sample code to help Makers build products faster
  • Example prototypes and products featuring Lepton
  • Community showcases with discussion forums
  • FAQs and a direct link to FLIR for support

Hack the Heat Events

The new Lepton Maker site complements FLIR’s ongoing Hack the Heat software hacker and hardware maker event series. The next Hack the Heat event is scheduled for next week in San Francisco, followed by an event in London on June 18, both with prizes that include cash, FLIR Ones and entry into FLIR’s Virtual Accelerator Program. Go to before the events sell out and use coupon code "FLIRhack" for free entry to the San Francisco event.

The new website and Hack the Heat event series further demonstrate FLIR’s strong commitment to the hacker and maker community. Visit the maker site or learn more about building apps for the FLIR ONE at