FLIR Thermal Cameras Helps USA Cycling Tackle Cheating

FLIR Thermal Cameras Help USA Cycling Tackle Cheating

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

USA Cycling T640

As summer approaches, towns across America will host cycling races for the nation’s top bike riders. But as in all sports, some have tried to cheat the system in an attempt to win at all costs. In some cases, cycling racers have hidden small motors installed inside bike frames to help give an extra boost. Now, with FLIR and thermal imaging’s help, USA Cycling is doing something to catch cheaters in the act.

At the recent 2016 Volkswagen Professional Road National Championships in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, FLIR and USA Cycling partnered to help monitor bicycles for illegal motors and components – otherwise known as mechanical doping.   

USA Cycling used the FLIR T640 thermal imaging camera in the professional men’s and women’s races on May 28. They filmed both races during critical points of the race and in locations where motors were likely to be used, particularly in hilly sections. They inspected the bikes to detect suspicious heat and surface temperatures but found no illegal components.

FLIR is happy to support USA Cycling’s goals in this effort, and we look forward to a great summer of bike races ahead.  To find a USA Cycling-sponsored event near you, visit