FLIR Featured in New Motion Picture Ghost Team!

FLIR Featured in New Motion Picture 'Ghost Team'!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

FLIR takes the stage in the new comedy Ghost Team, starring Jon Heder, as an amateur ghost hunter who recruits his best friend ( David Krumholtz), his misfit nephew, ( Paul W. Downs) a beautician ( Melonie Diaz), an overzealous security guard ( Justin Long), and a cable TV medium ( Amy Sedaris) to investigate suspicious activity at a creepy farm.

Ghost Team - Justin Long - SBS

The rag tag ghost hunting crew gather all of the necessary gear, including a FLIR T640 to look for signs of the paranormal. As they start investigating, however, the group realizes they may be in over their head.

FLIR got a front row seat at last night’s premiere, getting exclusive thermal shots of the cast and crew. Here are the best shots of the night:

Ghost Team - Cast & Crew - Thermal
Ghost Team - Jon Heder - Thermal
Ghost Team - Sedaris & Long - Thermal


The film hits theaters this Friday, August 12th – check out the trailer below and follow Ghost Team on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram for the latest updates!