Raymarine Pro Ambassador Assists Louisiana Flood Victims

Raymarine Pro Ambassador Assists Louisiana Flood Victims

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

On August 15, storms ravaged Louisiana neighborhoods, and floodwaters made streets impassable for many residents. Raymarine Pro Ambassador, Gerald Spohrer, a Louisiana resident, felt compelled to act as he watched the devastation affect his neighbors in Ascension Parish.

Louisiana flooding 1Spohrer took to Facebook to connect with victims with an offer to assist them, posting “In French settlement with police escorts. Send address for evacuation”. A professional fisherman and boater, he loaded up a small 17' aluminum boat that allowed him to operate in shallow & debris filled water, filled it with personal supplies and water and orchestrated rescue missions for those that responded to him on social media .

Although nothing could have stopped the rising waters and damage to personal property, Spohrer estimates he helped bring more than 50 people to safety.  Louisiana flooding 2  

A few days after his rescue mission began, Spohrer began escorting people back to their homes so they could find lost pets, collect belongings and necessities such as medicine and any other memories that survived the floodwaters.

We applaud Gerald and all first responders who took part in helping others affected by the floods.  He is #louisianastrong!