Halloween Q& A with Jason Hawes of SyFy' s Ghost Hunters

Do you Believe in Ghosts? Halloween Q&A with Star Ghost Hunter Jason Hawes

Monday, October 31, 2016

Jason Hawes 1Happy Halloween from all of us at FLIR! We thought we’d catch up with our friend Jason Hawes, producer and host SyFy’s reality series Ghost Hunters and founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Check out how he uses FLIR thermal cameras in his paranormal research! 

1) How’d you get into ghost hunting?

After having my own personal experience in circa 1990, I found myself diving into the world of the unknown. It became my passion to try to understand how these things are actually possible.

2) How do you use FLIR cameras in your findings? 

Using the FLIR thermal cameras are very helpful to us for numerous reasons. One of the most important reasons is that theories out there claim that entities draw energy from the air around them to manifest their appearance. In using a FLIR thermal camera, we are able to document hot and cold spots.Jason Hawes Ghost Shot

Also the FLIR thermal cameras have helped us disprove numerous haunting claims. We have used the FLIR thermal cameras to find animals in the walls of homeowners, leaks from ventilation, drafty windows, warm gases coming up from exposed sewer lines, heat issues caused by electrical malfunctions, human contamination and so much more. I truly believe that our FLIR thermal cameras have been one of the most important pieces of equipment to use in the field of paranormal studies. 

3) Scariest experience finding a ghost with a FLIR camera?

At Southern Vermont College We were able to document what appeared to be a person walk across the hallway and through a closed and padlocked door.

4) How did you come upon thermal imaging and why it’s to useful in ghost hunting? 

I came across thermal imaging while researching different ways of finding temperature fluctuations on investigations.

5) Anything else you’d like to highlight?

I want to thank FLIR for taking the time to work with the paranormal community and continuing to work with myself to figure out ways the technology can assist in our research. Also, FLIR takes our feedback on equipment and works with us on ways to advance different types of equipment.

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