Top Father' s Day Deals for Dad!

Top Father's Day Deals for Dad!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

It’s that time of year again, and time is running out and you have made no progress in learning mind-reading since last year. We have some good news. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we have something better: our annual FLIR Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Check out this year’s gift ideas and special savings below for insights to what Dad wants, and this Father’s Day transform your Dad from a regular Dad, to a Dad by FLIR.

Professional Dad (by FLIR)

E60 Ceiling Leak

Save more than 30% on closeout on professional grade Ex and Exx- series models and give Dad a leg up on the competition. Also, with any purchase of a FLIR Ex or Exx camera, score a free MR40 Moisture Pen to verify suspected moisture issues. Dad an electrician? Save 20% on two of FLIR’s popular IGM™ products, the DM284 Thermal Imaging Multimeter, or the CM174 AC/DC Clamp Meter, EC&M’s Product of the Year winner!

Handyman Dad (by FLIR)

FLIR ONE Pro Pre-Order

For the ultimate, serious, on-the-go handyman Dad, buy him a CAT® S60 smart phone, powered by FLIR Lepton®. If he doesn’t want to part with his iPhone or Android smartphone, then get him a FLIR ONE or FLIR ONE Pro thermal camera attachment instead. We’re taking FLIR ONE & FLIR ONE Pro preorders now, and while he won’t have it in time for Father’s Day, there’s nothing like getting him first in line for the latest thermal imaging tool from FLIR.

BBQ Dad (by FLIR)

Extech TM55

For Dad’s who like to cook, BBQ, grill or even homebrew, the Extech TM55 Pocket Fold-Up Food Thermometer is now just $29.99. BBQ Pro Shop deemed the TM55 a “five star” thermometer in their recent hands-on review, perfect for taking quick and convenient temperature measurements on the spot!

Drone Dad (by FLIR)


For the serious hobbyist, videographer, or more casual, “I just bought a drone because they are cool” Dad, FLIR has thermal cameras for drones that are now 20% off. Give Dad the power to shoot still images and record video in both thermal and visible with the dual-payload FLIR Duo. For the more advanced drone Dad, impress him with the FLIR Vue Pro R – a higher resolution, higher frame rate camera with the ability to read temperature data. This way he can check if the coals are out on the campfire from 100 feet in the air.

Outdoor Dad (by FLIR)


Save now on any of our Scout thermal handheld monocular units for your next camping trip or wildlife adventure with Dad! And, for the professional or casual fisherman or boating-enthusiast Dad, save up to $5000 on refurbished Raymarine electronics.

Picking up one of these gifts for Dad, or have a question? let us know in the comments below.