FLIR Infrared Camera Rentals - Now at The Home Depot!

The sooner you find where those cold drafts are coming from during cooler months and AC is wafting out on hotter days, the faster you can take steps to keep the outside out and the comfort you pay hard-earned money for in. Get started today with a FLIR i7 infrared camera from The Home Depot Tool Rental Center.

Simple-to-use FLIR thermal imaging cameras see temperature differences and heat loss, making it quick and easy to spot potential energy waste. Find missing or damaged insulation, failed or leaking windows, faulty weather stripping, and other issues that contribute to high energy bills.

Make the necessary improvements and repairs with the help of The Home Depot and start feeling the benefits immediately.

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Note: The FLIR i7 is a tool that will allow you to see temperature differences on interior and exterior wall surfaces. Please note that areas of air infiltration, and/ or missing insulation will be detectable only when there is a temperature difference of 10 degrees F. between outdoor and indoor temperature. Please also note that although the camera does render a thermal image of wall surfaces, FLIR assumes no responsibility for the analysis of these images or any resulting mitigation programs undertaken by the homeowner or contractor in response to the data provided by the images. Moisture present in building structures will be evaporative, creating cool interior surfaces; the camera will not discriminate wet surfaces from poorly insulated surfaces. FLIR recommends anyone that uses the camera or interprets the image generated by a thermal camera, complete the online training program at Please refer to the owner’s manual for other limitations on use or go to or