FLIR SeaFLIR; FLIR MarFLIR; FLIR AN-KAX 1 Thermal Imaging Systems

Maximize maritime operations with a fully marinized, gyro-stabilized thermal imaging system equally at home on the sea or in the air. SeaFLIR provides long-range infrared imaging in an extremely ruggedized and compact package, making the system a solid performer in virtually any maritime or over-water airborne environment.

  • Ultra compact and lightweight
  • Greater standoff range
  • Built for maritime extremes
  • Enhanced operability features

SeaFLIR Brochure


Service and Support Questions:

This product has been out of production for some time, but some common items including batteries may still be available. If you are considering the purchase of an older FLIR thermal camera from another party, we encourage you to call us to discuss ongoing support for older products.


Replacement Product: SeaFLIR Series

SeaFLIR is a long-range, gyro-stabilized, thermal imager that provides high resolution infrared images in daylight as well as in total darkness. Unlike low-light cameras that require some light to create an image, SeaFLIR senses heat and is able to detect small targets even out on the horizon.

  • Long range vision – See to the horizon and detect potential threats
  • 2-axis stabilized, Turret unit – Contains a thermal imager and one of three optional secondary sensors
  • Powerful thermal imager – Detect targets at distances greater than 10km


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