Inframetrics LORIS Thermal Imaging System

The Inframetrics LORIS (LOng-Range Infrared System) is a television-compatible infra-red night vision system housed in a sealed enclosure. It is designed for long-range surveillance. It creates high-quality thermal video images for display on RS-170 standard monitors. Interface options, analogue and digital, include RS-422 compatibility and will accept serial command inputs.


Service and Support Questions:

This product has been out of production for some time, but some common items including batteries may still be available. If you are considering the purchase of an older FLIR thermal camera from another party, we encourage you to call us to discuss ongoing support for older products. Most FLIR products have some trade in value against new systems.


Replacement Product: HRC-S/-U

The High Resolution, Cooled HRC-S and HRC-U are long-range thermal security cameras with 640x480 pixel arrays that can detect a man-sized threat from up to 13 miles away. Security operators can field the HRC-S and HRC-U as portable stand-alone systems, or integrate them into a network of fixed-site sensors through the flexible Nexus server. They are Pelco D compatible, and support RS-232 and -422 interface communications. The HRC-S and HRC-U have 12.5x continuous zoom telescopes that provide wide-area coverage and long-range, high magnification performance.

  • Proven thermal security camera enables one to see in total darkness, through smoke, dust and light fog; when other cameras are at their worst, FLIR cameras are at their best
  • 14.1° - 1.1° FOV range: HRC-S detects man-sized threats out to 9.25 miles
  • 9.4° - 0.75° FOV range: HRC-U detects man-sized threats out to 11.7 miles
  • Large-format, high-resolution 640 x 480 InSb infrared detector provides unmatched sensitivity and 4-times the resolution of mid-format systems, significantly increasing range performance and image quality
  • 12.5x continuous zoom helps to maintain situational awareness & never lose sight of the threats while adjusting zoom


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