• NEW Ocean Scout TK | FLIR Marine
    The NEW Ocean Scout TK | FLIR Maritime  

    The NEW FLIR Ocean Scout TK

    Marine Thermal Vision

    The FLIR Ocean Scout TK is a marine thermal camera that extends your vision on the water, day or night, for greater awareness and safety.

    As a thermal imager, the Ocean Scout TK creates images based on heat, not visible light. Vessels, watercraft, buoys, and other obstacles give off heat and appear clearly in all lighting conditions - from pitch darkness to blinding sun glare.

    At a breakthrough price of $599, the Ocean Scout TK is an affordable way to enjoy your time on the water and explore your world with thermal vision.


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    Greater Awareness on the Water

    See obstacles and objects up to 130 yards away

    • See boats, buoys, and channel markers
    • Identify landmarks like docks, inlets, and jetties
    • Steer clear of rocks and floating debris
    • Locate people and pets overboard

    View Specifications

    Sailboat at Night | FLIR Maritime Sailboat Ahead
    Man Over Board | FLIR Maritime Man Over Board
    Kayaker at Night | FLIR Maritime Kayaker

    Explore Your World in the Dark

    See heat, instead of light

    Thermal Snap Shots | FLIR Maritime

    Store up to 1000 thermal snapshots

    Record Thermal Video | FLIR Maritime

    Record thermal video

    See Wildlife | FLIR Maritime

    See marine mammals, or discover wildlife back on shore

    Multiple Color Palettes | FLIR Maritime

    Choose from multiple color palettes

    View Gallery

    Grab and Go Simplicity

    Starts up in seconds, no training required

    • Pocket-sized, light-weight (6 oz. / 170 g)
    • Ergonomic for one-handed operation
    • Easy-to-use buttons
    • Submersible (IP67) and built to withstand harsh marine environments
    • 5-hour Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

    FLIR Ocean Scout TK Specifications

      Ocean Scout TK - Specifications | FLIR Maritime  

    Sensor Specifications

    Detector Type 160 × 120 VOx Microbolometer
    Video Refresh Rate <9Hz
    Field of View (H x V) 20° × 16°
    Shutter Yes
    Start up < 5 seconds
    Image Processing FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement™

    User Interface

    Power Button On/Off
    Video Detection Palettes Short Press to Toggle thru LUT’s
    Brightness Brightness (Toggle up<>down)
    Image Capture Short press for Image capture, long press for Video capture
    Image Download USB Cable

    System Specifications

    Built-In Display 640 X 480 LCD Display
    Color Palettes Selectable: Black Hot, White Hot, InstAlert™ Rainbow, Iron, Lava, Arctic & Graded Fire


    Battery Type Internal Li-Ion Cell
    Battery Life (Operating) >5 hours


    Operating Temperature -4°F to 104°F (-20°C to 40°C)
    Storage Temperature -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)


    Weight (incl. lens) 6 oz (170 g)
    Size (L × W × H) 4.0” x 1.5” x 1.5”

    Package Includes

    Comes With Handheld Thermal Camera, Neck Lanyard, USB Cable, Lens Cap

    FLIR Ocean Scout TK Video & Image Gallery





    Play / Pause (13 secs)

    Buoy with Seals

    Play / Pause (29 secs)


    Play / Pause (24 secs)

    Marina Safety

    Play / Pause (7 secs)

    Fast Boats

    Play / Pause (29 secs)

    Man Over Board

    Play / Pause (16 secs)

    Product Images

    Ocean Scout TK - Front Right | FLIR Maritime

    Front Right

    Ocean Scout TK - Right | FLIR Maritime


    Ocean Scout TK - Left | FLIR Maritime


    Ocean Scout TK - Front Left | FLIR Maritime

    Front Left

    Ocean Scout TK - Top | FLIR Maritime



    Images / Screen Captures

    Kayaker | FLIR Maritime


    Kayaks | FLIR Maritime


    MOB | FLIR Maritime

    Man Over Board

    MOB | FLIR Maritime

    Man Over Board

    Sailboat | FLIR Maritime


    Seals | FLIR Maritime