E-Series Models

Smarter. Faster. Expanded.

FLIR MCS pan-tilt units include an integrated microcontroller providing real-time application communications, motor drive control and encoder and limit switch processing, payload I/O and diagnostics. The E-Series pan-tilt units incorporate a 32-bit microcontroller with expanded capabilities and greatly improved performance in several dimensions.


The E-Series models includes:

  • Integrated Ethernet and Web interfaces
  • Increased command rates, reduced jitter
  • Advanced microstep control
  • High resolution digital encoders for closed loop control

New Features

E-Series pan-tilt units build on the new microcontroller core to provide several new application features and capabilities including:

  • User-programmable ranges of motion
  • Reduced calibration movement
  • Improved power protection circuitry (meets MIL-STD-1275) -- improved motion control fidelity
  • 32-pin Base Connector for simplified wiring
  • Pelco-D and Nexus protocol support
  • Streamlined ISM support (no external hardware required)
  • Streamlined Geo-Pointing support (no external hardware required)

E-Series is available for: PTU-E46, PTU-D48, PTU-D100, PTU-D300 models.

Please contact your FLIR MCS sales team mcs@FLIR.com for additional information.