PTU-D46 Models

Pan-Tilt Unit-D46 Models

The PTU-D46 is a family of miniature pan-tilt units that provide accurate real-time positioning of cameras, lasers, antenna, or other small to medium payloads.

  • Compact (~ 4" tall)
  • Light Weight (3 lbs.)
  • Rugged
  • High Duty Cycles


PTU-D46 Model Family Description


The PTU-D46 model family of miniature, computer-controlled pan-tilts are versatile and field-proven across 100's of applications. They are extremely compact and light weight and offer an off-the-shelf solution for positioning of any type of small sensor or other payload.


The PTU-D46 models utilize stepper motors with an asymmetrical worm-gear design. The body of the pan-tilt is machined aluminum and provides very rigid, repeatable positioning. The payload mounting bracket includes a 1/4 20 bolt for simple attachment to standard cameras and other devices. The base includes multiple mount points including 1/4 20 threaded hole for tripod mount.


The separate controller (4"x3"x1") can be located up to 56' away from the head. Both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces are provided on the PTU-D46 Controller. An optional side-mount bracket allows positioning payloads for a lower center-of-gravity, and for mounting multiple payloads (top and side).


The built-in command set offers both ASCII and binary formats. This command set supports real-time control at up to 60 commands/second with very low and predictable latencies. The rich command set provides fine-grained control of position (absolute and relative), velocity, acceleration and other unit functions. The RS-485 interface supports multi-drop networking of up to 127 devices. The optional Geo-Pointing Module also provides an Ethernet/IP interface for control of the pan-tilt units. The Extended I/O option allows a trackball to be connected directly to the pan-tilt unit for direct control without a computer.