Pan-Tilt Unit-D46-17

The PTU-D46-17 is designed for high-speed, accurate positioning of camera, laser, antenna, or other payloads up to 6 lbs. or more at speeds up to 300 degrees/second.

  • Payloads to 6 lbs
  • Miniature form-factor (<5.2" tall)
  • Under 3 lbs.
  • Position resolution of 0.051° (1/2 step)
  • Speeds up to 300° / Sec.
  • Wide range DC voltage input



The PTU-D46-17 miniature pan/tilt unit provides fast, precise positioning in an extremely small and lightweight package. It is fully computer-controlled and offers programmability of speed, acceleration, power, and other parameters. The included controller, with built-in RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, handles precise kinematic motion control according to user-set parameters. The PTU-D46-17 unit accepts ASCII and binary command formats and is networkable. Commands can be sent at up to 60 Hz (commands/second) for demanding applications such as laser scanning and video tracking.