Low-Cost Inertial Stabilization Module (ISM)

FLIR offers low-cost inertial stabilization module (ISM) as an option on several pan-tilt models including: PTU-D48E, PTU-D100E, and PTU-D300E. The ISM is fully integrated with the E-Series pan-tilt units requiring no external wiring or processing boxes. It provides a turn-key integrated solution for low-cost inertial line of sight (LOS) stabilization of any payload for mobile platforms including ground, air, and sea. For camera applications, inertial stabilization improves images while on the move. The ISM allows real-time computer control during stabilization, enabling closed loop systems for tracking, slew-to-queue, and more.


The new ISM for E-Series pan-tilts is in its 3rd generation and provides substantially improved performance over previous generations enabling a wider range of applications and payloads to be stabilized. The ISM for E-Series is fully integrated and provides a web interface for simple configuration and operation. A high-performance software interface is available to simplify integration of customer user interface/control applications.

  • Integrated low-cost inertial stabilization for FLIR E-Series pan-tilt units
  • Real-time control from computer or joystick while stabilized
  • Complementary to electronic image stabilization



Breakthrough Cost/Performance

Until now, stabilized pointing platforms typically have been used in very specialized applications due to their high cost (hundreds of thousands of dollars) and lack of flexibility to accommodate different payloads. The ISM provides impressive performance at breakthrough cost points, allowing stabilization to be used in a much broader range of applications. The stabilization provided by the ISM allows the use of higher zoom cameras and is critical for operation of automated video tracking and detection systems aboard moving platforms.


Open Architecture Simplifies Integration for OEMs

The ISM's open architecture and powerful feature set allows OEMs and integrators to quickly implement complex applications and products that include stabilized pointing of virtually any payload. The ISM is tightly integrated and tested with FLIR Pan-tilt units to minimize development risk and time. The ISM offers a rich command set to support integration with operator consoles, radar inputs, video tracking systems, and more. This building-block approach allows OEMs and systems integrators to meet a wide range of application requirements at the lowest total system cost.


Learn more about the E-Series pan-tilt models available with stabilization: