Meridian (NVR)

Meridian (NVR) The Meridian NVR is a cost-effective, enterprise grade, off-the-shelf, plug-and- play video surveillance system for security installations configurable for 8, 16 or 24 cameras. The system includes a network video recorder with a built in 8 port PoE switch (additional 8-port PoE switch available for purchase), video management software that is pre-configured, support for the EZ Client web interface and works out-of-the box with sophisticated viewing capabilities, eliminating the need for additional client workstations.

VMS 7.0 reinvents the user experience with a new, sleek and efficient EZ Client web interface with responsive design, allowing for effortless deployment, touch screen optimization and support on multiple browsers.

United VMS PoE Switch

Smart 8-port PoE switch, equipped with 2x 1Gbps uplink ports and fully managed, is ideal to extend your Meridian (or Horizon) network

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