For Your Mission

Wherever your mission, whatever your platform, FLIR's combat-proven sensors deliver the performance and reliability to achieve your objectives. Our Commercially Developed, Military Qualified systems provide the intelligence you need for today's and tomorrow's missions. You do what it takes to get the job done, and FLIR stands beside you.


FLIR Systems' Star SAFIRE® 380-HDc Sensor Selected for Norway SAR on AW101 Helicopters

FLIR's Star SAFIRE® 380-HDc selection allows the latest generation of high-definition, multispectral imaging to be used by aircrews in this demanding SAR role, recognized to be the harshest SAR environment in the world.

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Military & Defense

Your missions don't get do-overs. That's why FLIR's combat-proven imaging solutions deliver the performance, reliability, and intelligence you need in the air, on land, or at sea. From long-range airborne ISR and Targeting systems to thermal weapon sights, count on FLIR to help you complete your mission.


CBRNE Detection

Your critical missions demand lab-quality detection, classification, identification, and analysis of CBRNE and drug threats, in the field. When you need to count on your results, you can count on FLIR to help you get the job done.


FLIR Helps Beveren Fire Department Locate Hotspots and Missing Subjects

The appropriate firefighting equipment can be critical for a fireman, for his own survival and for saving the lives of others. To ensure the safety of its crew and to deliver even better firefighting services, the firefighting department of Beveren, Belgium, recently invested in a FLIR K50 thermal imaging camera.

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Maritime First Responders

You take to the seas when everyone else stays at port. FLIR multi-sensor maritime cameras systems are ready for the challenge, delivering enhanced situational awareness, gyro stabilized target tracking and lifesaving man overboard detection.



Firefighters don’t get to have bad days – whether you’re searching for victims or attacking a fire, a rugged, reliable easy to use thermal imaging camera helps you get your job done. You can count on FLIR because the world counts on you.


Law Enforcement

Bad guys can’t hide their heat, so they can’t hide from you. Whether you’re patrolling on land, sea, or in the air, there’s a FLIR sensor to help you answer the call. From lightweight, compact handheld cameras to reliable, fully integrated, high definition airborne sensor packages, FLIR helps you get the mission done.


Improving Border Security with FLIR Thermal Imaging

Border security is a primary concern of law enforcement in the Southwest U.S. Local, state and federal agencies work together to protect communities and halt drug smuggling. FLIR handheld thermal imaging cameras are proving to be highly integral to successful interceptions and captures as well as improved officer safety.

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