FLIR MPX makes upgrading to HD easier than ever
without the expense of re-cabling.

Supports single cable full PTZ control and audio transmission, too.

What is MPX?


FLIR MPX™ is a revolutionary video surveillance format powered by HD-CVI technology. MPX delivers megapixel picture quality over coax, meaning you can upgrade your existing analog systems to HD resolution (1MP & 2.1MP) over a single coax cable (existing RG59 & RG6 compatible).

Ideal for retrofit, MPX makes upgrading to HD easier than ever without the expense of re-cabling. MPX facilitates powerful functionality previously unattainable over coax with duplex communication, enabling full Up The Coax (UTC) PTZ control and audio transmission without running additional cabling.

720p & 1080p resolutions present a vast upgrade from D1 & 960H

How does it Work


MPX is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission standard utilizing bidirectional full duplex communication.

A single run of coaxial cable is used to reliably transmit HD images, audio, and data, which enables high-performance functionality such as intercom, UTC PTZ and OSD menu control with a single cable run.


Benefits of MPX technology:

  • Upgrade to analog HD seamlessly with simple, low-cost installation

  • Megapixel & uncompressed image quality —1080p (1920×1080) & 720p (1280×720)

  • Long range, zero-latency, reliable video transmission (without the addition of relay devices)

  • Strong anti-interference capability

  • Support for 960H and other analog surveillance standards

  • Constant and reliable signal transmission for smooth display without loss

  • Open analog HD transmission standard rapidly gaining acceptance and popularity


Explore FLIR Security MPX Products

MPX Bullet Cameras


Ideal for retrofit applications, MPX Bullet cameras are compatible with FLIR MPX DVRs, offering an upgrade to HD resolution without the hassle of running new cables. Dual video output offers simultaneous HD and 960H video streams.


MPX Dome Cameras


MPX Dome Cameras use the latest HD-CVI technology and True WDR to deliver excellent picture quality over coax cabling in any lighting condition. They offer an upgrade to HD resolution without the hassle of running new cables.




Experience unprecedented convenience with PTZ control via a single coax cable. The powerful 12x optical zoom enables clear identification of objects at extended distances for optimized perimeter monitoring.




Ideal for commercial applications, the high performance MPX DVRs with Smart Search offer advanced features including looping outputs, HDMI, increased frame rates, drive mirroring, & up to 6TB storage.




Experience outstanding Megapixel resolution with FLIR's MPX Camera Bundles. Plus, download the FLIR Cloud app and take advantage of remote access anywhere you go via iOS, Android, PC or Mac devices.




The FLIR TCX™ Thermal Bullet, Mini Bullet, & PTZ Security Cameras enable a whole new range of applications for thermal imaging in one affordable device.