The PTZ-35x140MS is a powerful multi-sensor thermal camera system for medium- to long-range security applications. The system has two separate thermal imagers: a 35mm camera for short-range situational awareness, and a 140mm camera for long-range threat detection. The PTZ-35x140MS has the performance of military grade imaging systems at a fraction of the cost. Its integrated Sony 980 long-range TV camera is a valuable daylight/low-light imaging tool. The PTZ-35x140MS can detect a man-sized threat at ranges beyond 1.8 miles.

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Features and Benefits

  • Proven thermal security camera enables user to see in total darkness, through smoke, dust and light fog; when other cameras are at their worst, FLIR cameras are at their best
  • 5° field-of-view: Detects man-sized threats out to 1.8 miles
  • Dual thermal cameras, allowing for simultaneous display of narrow and wide field-of-view imagers; see all the action without losing detail
  • Long-range daylight/lowlight camera: 2 Lux lowlight camera provides additional threat identification when conditions permit
  • Fast, precision pan/tilt for easily track fast moving events
  • Advanced mapping, geo-location, and programmable slew to cue all combine to allow for integration into sophisticated perimeter and portable security systems
  • Rugged enclosure assures performance in harsh conditions