FLIR Thermal Fence

Sensor Management Software and thermal cameras for intrusion detection and alarm assessment


Detect. Assess. Respond. Instantly.

The FLIR Thermal Fence™ security system is a unique combination of thermal security cameras, video analytics software, and other intrusion detection sensors brought together in a scalable, customizable design.  With the FLIR Thermal Fence™ security system, you can create a fully integrated perimeter security solution that provides accurate intrusion detection and instant visual alarm assessment capability while minimizing false alarms.

The FLIRThermal Fence™ security system is the only solution on the market today that brings the control and monitoring of all of your perimeter security sensors together in one fully integrated and geo-referenced display.

It operates over the same IP network as your existing CCTV camera network, but displays all of your thermal camera video and other sensor outputs on a single convenient display. Bringing all of your thermal cameras and other perimeter security sensors together in one convenient display gives you rapid threat detection and assessment, allowing you to deploy your assets efficiently, effectively, and to their full advantage.

FLIR Thermal Fence™ in its Simplest Form

In its simplest form, a FLIR Thermal Fence™ could be a single thermal security camera and a box of FLIR Sensor Manager software. With these simple components, you can establish a virtual perimeter, create customized alarms and tripwires to alert you instantly to potential intrusions.

Or, a FLIR Thermal Fence™ security solution can be as complex as you need it to be. Integrate lots of thermal cameras, CCTV cameras, and non-video alarm sensors like shaker fences and RFIDs on your existing IP network for a seamless, layered perimeter defense system.


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