Detect with the FLIR Thermal Fence™ System

Video with Analytics

With the FLIR Thermal Fence™ security solution, you get the benefit of the world's best thermal security cameras working together with all kinds of non-video alarm sensors to give you the best perimeter security you can get.

In addition to your thermal and CCTV cameras, the FLIR Thermal Fence™ uses the input from shaker fences, RFIDs, microwave systems, fiber, radars, and many other detection devices, along with sophisticated thermal video analytics, to alert you instantly to potential dangers.

By using all of these tools together to create customized exclusion zones, trip wires, and even areas of layered protection, the FLIR Thermal Fence™ security system gives you the best multi-dimensional perimeter security on the market today.


Shaker Fence



RFID / Buried Cable

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