Copenhagen Airport installs thermal security cameras

FLIR Systems' SR-100 cameras make the airport safer than ever.

With the growing threat of intruders or terrorist attacks, ensuring passenger safety is of the utmost importance to commercial airlines and airport authorities alike. These authorities have the responsibility to safeguard passengers to be sure, but they watch over airport personnel and valuable equipment as well. FLIR Systems' SR-100 thermal security cameras are helping to make Copenhagen Airport even safer than ever.

Founded in 1925, Copenhagen Airport was one of the first civil airports in the world. Today, Copenhagen Airport is the biggest airport in Scandinavia – more than 20.9 million passengers passed through the airport in 2006. Copenhagen Airport the leads the region in international flights, direct long-haul routes and total number of destinations served. Copenhagen Airport is centrally located in Scandinavia and has the most extensive route network of any of the region's airports. As its passenger traffic numbers show, it is the first choice for passengers traveling into, around, or out of Scandinavia.

Copenhagen airport employs FLIR cameras to patrol 30 kilometers of perimeter fence  
Thermal imaging helps secure Copenhagen Airport  

Befitting its top-tier status, Copenhagen International encloses 12.4 square kilometers of real estate within its 30-kilometers of perimeter fence. Coordinating an effective surveillance and security presence for such a large area is an enormous task. Besides surveillance cameras, more than 700 specially trained security staff members patrol the airport, on foot and in vehicles, all hours of the day and night.

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