Mobile Training Unit

The FLIR Systems Mobile Training Unit (MTU) is traveling around the US giving security professionals an opportunity to learn about thermal imaging from the experts. It is equipped with all of the latest FLIR technology, and can go into the field for customer demonstrations. The MTU is currently supporting regional thermal training forums for security integrators, dealers and end users. Look below for a thermal forum near you.

FLIR Systems Infrared Training Center Mobile Training Unit Program

The FLIR MTU is a fully equipped mobile training center. This customized 40' long RV has comfortable seating for several students in a spacious dual push out room. It carries a full compliment of FLIR's thermal imagers, and has telescoping masts that can provide an unobstructed view for long range imaging. Guests can evaluate systems and see presentations on 3 big screen high definition TV's.

The MTU can visit your site (space permitting) or your customer's site in support of a thermal program development effort. Please contact your FLIR Security representative for additional details.

"UFO Hunters" and FLIR

Watch the FLIR Mobile Training Unit on an episode of "UFO Hunters"