Thermal Imaging for Nuclear Power

Thermal: The Best Solution for Nuclear Power Requirements

Recent rules out of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission require nuclear facilities to provide continuous 24-hour surveillance, observation, and monitoring of their perimeter and control areas (See NRC Part 73.55). Other imaging technologies aren't up to the challenge, but providing 24/7 video is precisely what FLIR's thermal security cameras were made to do.

Nuclear facilities like yours around the country have responded to these demanding requirements by installing hundreds of FLIR's thermal security cameras in the past year alone. They have seen for themselves the power that thermal's true 24-hour video surveillance capability gives to their Detect, Delay, Respond strategy, providing.

Security experts throughout the industry agree: thermal security cameras from FLIR are the best solution for meeting the NRC's 24/7 video surveillance requirement. Read the case studies below, and click here to learn more about FLIR's full line of network-enabled IP thermal security cameras.

To experience the power of thermal imaging for yourself, call 1-866-344-4674 to arrange for our Mobile Training Unit to visit your site for a free, no-obligation site survey and technology demonstration. Packed with the latest in thermal security cameras, the MTU will let you see how thermal cameras work in your environment and meet your challenges. Plus, you'll have some thermal security experts on-hand to answer all of your questions. Call today!