Thermal Night Vision for Ports & Border Surveillance

Thermal security cameras provide excellent visibility at long ranges without lighting or other artificial illumination to secure large waterfront areas and airports.

Airport & Border Security with Thermal Imaging

Under a growing threat of terrorist attacks, airport and border authorities around the world are installing FLIR’s thermal security cameras to keep their passengers, employees, and valuable equipment safe. Operations continue night and day, and all year round, so the security infrastructure needs to be effective regardless of weather or lighting conditions.

To see how thermal imaging can help secure your facility, please check out our line of security products:

Security Cameras  Security Cameras
Featuring standard 640x480 resolution, and available with IP and analog connectivity, FLIR thermal security cameras come in fixed, pan/tilt, and dome configurations. FLIR cameras are network ready, available with a variety of resolutions and lens options, and provide both analog and digital video outputs, making them the perfect solutions for point-to-point and networked security imaging applications.
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FLIR Thermal Fence  FLIR Thermal Fence
The FLIR Thermal Fence is a unique combination of thermal security cameras, video analytics software, and other intrusion detection sensors brought together in a scalable, customizable design. With Thermal Fence, you can create a fully integrated perimeter security solution that provides accurate intrusion detection and instant visual alarm assessment capability while minimizing false alarms.
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