Residential Security: Case Studies and Application Notes

Click one of the following application stories to learn how FLIR Thermal Imaging Solutions have helped to better secure Homes, as well as other Residential Areas, from outside threats.


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Thermal imaging cameras: A cost effective solution for perimeter protection

A number of tools are available to help detect potential intruders in the dark. Often different technologies are being combined to create a secure perimeter. Fences can be complemented with Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems with or without active infrared illumination or old fashioned light bulbs, Radio Frequency Intruder Detection (RAFID) systems, thermal imaging cameras and/or walking patrols.  Read the article


Hide Your Heat


You Can't Hide Your Heat

Security professionals have many different clubs in their professional bags. As professionals, it is incumbent upon us to stay abreast of the latest technological developments in our field, and I'm here to tell you – there's a new game in town: thermal security cameras.  Read the article


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The Thermal Revolution

The technological breakthroughs that change the very nature of an industry often happen well before anyone takes notice. It's not until years later – when the archetypes we have taken for granted are lying in splinters at our feet – that we recognize the extent of the changes witnessed.  Read the article

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Cooled vs. Uncooled

There are many cooled and uncooled thermal camera systems available for these applications. This technical note describes these two classes of long-range thermal camera systems, and explains the costs and benefits associated with each.  Read the article


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Hot Shots

Thermal technology takes its place in perimeter protection.  Read the article


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Newport Beach PD

TV cameras don't work at night, and night is when you need cameras the most. Police officials in Newport Beach, California found this out and came to FLIR for the solution.  Read the article 


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Oubaai Golf Estate, in the heart of the famous South African Garden Route

FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras help to protect the perimeter.  Read the article


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Thermal imaging cameras: a new tool for securing marinas

Thermal imaging cameras help to protect yachts and the valuable equipment they have on board.  Read the article


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Thermal imaging: ready to conquer the world

As thermal imaging cameras are becoming less expensive, they are being integrated in more and more products. Will there be a thermal imaging camera in every car, for every police officer, on every ship, in the near future?  Read the article