FLIR Integrated Solutions

Integrated Tactical Surveillance Systems

Information and connectivity have become the hallmarks of the world today - a commander requires detailed information of the battlefield; perimeter and border security necessitates highly accurate and thorough information concerning safeguarded regions; communication between individuals, units and authorities is essential to the success of any homeland security or force protection mission. At the same time, fixed towers do not provide the flexibility vital to the current global security climate. Mobility and adaptability have become characteristic for our military, border patrol, first responders and other security forces.

CommandSpace Cerberus provides a fully customizable, mobile sensor tower suitable for rapid deployment wherever unmanned surveillance or communication is required. Alone, a Cerberus unit can provide the information needed for a specific region at a given time. Networked, multiple Cerberus towers form their own mesh network, communicating autonomously with each other to act as the ideal virtual fence solution.

Due to its mobility and ease of deployment, Cerberus towers can be emplaced in a given location for any amount of time or moved as the situation requires. The network infrastructure at the heart of the system manages all gathered data and transmits it to a command and control center which keeps security at the highest priority.