Thermal Cameras for Automation

In all industries the possibility to automatically ensure quality and to prevent and detect fires is of vital importance. The solution can be a fixed infrared camera that monitors your process or asset continuously, detecting minute temperature differences in a 24/7 manner. This methodology has been implemented in a wide range of industrial automation applications all around the world.

FLIR thermal imagers offer affordable, fully integrated thermal imaging and measurement solutions for applications such as process development and optimization, industrial process monitoring, product verification, quality assurance, safety applications and more. An infrared camera can detect even small temperature differences in most operating conditions, including when there is smoke, fog or steam involved in the measurement situation.

Choose the infrared camera that is right for you:

FLIR Compact A-Series Thermal Cameras

FLIR Compact A-Series Thermal Cameras

This compact, affordable infrared camera is designed specifically for machine vision. It’s perfect for those applications that only require the benefits of a thermal image but don’t need exact temperature measurement.

FLIR A300/A310

FLIR A300/A310 Thermal Cameras

FLIR A300/A310 infrared cameras target safety and automation applications where networking capabilities and compliance with networking protocols is of essence. The infrared cameras can be installed discretely almost anywhere to monitor your business and are ideal for any industry where fire prevention, critical vessel monitoring and fixed-mounted predictive maintenance are important.

FLIR A310 pt and A310 f Remote Monitoring Systems

FLIR A310 pt and A310 f Remote Monitoring Systems

FLIR A310 f and A310 pt monitoring systems are designed to withstand the elements to remotely collect valuable data. “Smart” thermal imagers and software can alert operators to security breaches and impending problems indicative of excess heat 24/7/365.

A310 ex

FLIR A310 ex Thermal Cameras

FLIR A310 ex is an ATEX compliant solution, with a thermal imaging camera mounted in an enclosure, making it possible to monitor critical and other valuable assets in explosive atmospheres. Typical applications include process monitoring, quality control and fire detection.

FLIR A315/A615

FLIR A315/A615 Thermal Cameras

The FLIR A315/A615 targets automation applications and is a perfect instrument for industries which rely on permanent monitoring of objects that are fast moving or when the temperature changes over time is quiet fast.