Biological Detection

In wide service throughout the world, Fido B products are used to collect and detect all four classes of biological threat agents (airborne spore, viral, cellular, and protein toxins) at concentrations at or below industry goals. The results are simple, fast, and accurate – you can rely on these products when the probability for biological agent attack is high.

Related products

Fido® B1

The Fido® B1 (BioCapture) is the most widely deployed handheld air sampler for detection of biological warfare agents. The large single button operation allows first responders to quickly execute sampling missions and proceed to other objectives.

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Fido B1

Fido® B2

The Fido® B2 (with IBAC technology) is a fully automated biological agent detector that provides 24/7 monitoring. It alarms in less than 60 seconds when an airborne bio-threat is present, which triggers an onboard or remote sampler to collect a real-time sample for eventual analysis.

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Fido B2