Explosives and Narcotics Detection

Specifically designed for checkpoint and transportation security, today thousands of Fido X Series detectors are in service with the military and at airports around the world. Accurate, easy to use, and field proven – this is explosive detection you can count on.


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Fido® X3 Explosives Trace Detector

The lightest and most sensitive handheld explosive trace detection device on the market. Fido X3 responds to military, traditional, homemade and liquid explosive threats, and can be configured to alert only on the threats you care about most. This portable devices expedites on-site decision making with automated 10 second threat reporting via color coded Go/No-Go alarms.

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Fido® NXT Explosives Trace Detector

Introducing next generation explosives trace detection

Completely redesigned from the ground up, the lightweight and rugged new Fido® NXT delivers fast, accurate and consistent trace explosives detection capabilities for combat, physical security and anti-terrorism operations. The expanded detection capabilities and reduced size of the Fido NXT enables the system to be easily integrated into existing security measures.

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Griffin 824

The first desktop mass spectrometer designed specifically for trace detection of explosives and narcotics in checkpoint applications. Combining next-generation mass spectrometry technology with expandable target libraries, the Griffin 824 eliminates false alarms giving you performance and accuracy you can count on.

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