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Midwave Infrared Cooled Camera Module

Where SWaP are design constraints, and cost and performance is desired, Neutrino™ is the ideal solution. The Neutrino offers FLIR's latest developments and advancements in image processing, and the resulting image from the 640×512 InSb array is superb! Weighing in at less than 16 oz (<450 gm) and a steady state power consumption less than 5 watts, it is FLIR's smallest and lightest weight OEM cooled camera core. The Neutrino offers the best performance, the lowest cost, and easiest integration of any MWIR system on the market.

Neutrino SX12

High Performance MWIR Camera Module

The Neutrino SX12 is a SXGA-resolution midwave infrared (MWIR) camera module is based on a 1280 × 1024/12µ InSb focal plane array (FPA), is ideal for ground based or airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Counter UAS (CUAS) missions by offering high speed, high-resolution imagery while still maintaining a compact opto-mechanical package. The industry standard interfaces, simple and powerful software controls, complete product documentation and FLIR OEM technical support reduces product development risk and shortens time to market.

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