Infrared Camera Cores - MWIR

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FLIR Neutrino Integrated Solution

Mid Wave Infrared Camera Core

The Neutrino Integrated Solution includes a cooled camera core with a built-in zoom lens that offers a cost-effective solution with superior performance and faster time to market. This solution includes a compact zoom lens completely integrated with the Neutrino LC camera core. It is actively athermalized over the operating temperature range. The zoom and focus controls are driven by the FLIR advanced micro lens controller and are capable with auto range re-focus. FLIR has completed the integration and engineering for our customers.

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Midwave Infrared Cooled Camera Module

Where SWaP are design constraints, and cost and performance is desired, Neutrino™ is the ideal solution. The Neutrino offers FLIR'scommon image processing architecture and the resulting image from the 640×512 InSb array is superb! Weighing in at less than 16 oz (<450 gm) and consuming less than 5 watts at steady-state, it is FLIR's balanced MWIR core optimizing performance, cost, and ease of integration.

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