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FLIR Recon B2-FO

Dual Channel Day/Night Thermal Biocular

FLIR Recon B9

Thermal Biocular with Thermal and EO sensors

FLIR Recon B9-FO

Thermal Biocular with Thermal and EO sensors, Laser Pointer and Laser Rangefinder

FLIR Recon M18

High Performance Thermal Pocket Scope

FLIR Recon V

Thermal Binocular with EO, Laser Rangefinder and Laser Pointer

MilSight LIRC

High Performance LWIR for Military Vehicles

MilSight S135 Magnum Universal Night Sight (MUNS)

AN/PVS-27 Magnum Universal Night Sight

MilSight S140-D

Dual Band Image Intensified & Thermal Weapon Sight

MilSight T105 Universal Night Sight (UNS)

AN/PVS22 Universal Night Sight

MilSight T90 Tactical Night Sight (TaNS)

Tactical Night Vision Sight

ThermoSight BIRC

Thermal Sight for BILL 2 Wire-Guided Anti-Armor Missile Systems

ThermoSight BORC

Thermal Sight for RBS 70 Laser Beamriding Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems

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