How to Contact FLIR Support

Need tech support or service? Our team is ready to help! Here’s how to get connected with the right team:

Connecting with Product Support

You can easily find product support options on every product page:

product support screenshot.png

Another way to easily find support is to visit, find your product, and quickly see all relevant support options. 

Creating a FLIR Account

Technical support and repair requests for some FLIR products may require creating a FLIR account for access to the support portal.

Create a FLIR account by heading to or clicking the sign-in icon at the top right corner of

flir account screenshot.jpg


FLIR Online Store Order Help

For help with orders made on, please head to 

For orders made on or with another distributor, please contact that distributor directly.


How to Register Your FLIR Product

Log in to your FLIR account and register your product at:  


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