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FLIR Machine Vision for Biomedical/Life Science Applications

Microscopy, diagnostic, biotech, and other biomedical and life science equipment makers rely on FLIR machine vision cameras to provide accurate image data for decision making.  FLIR offers a combination of powerful features and special process support for medical OEMs who require long life cycles, scale, and documentation for FDA approval. 

FLIR designed our most popular lines of machine vision cameras with the technology and flexibility needed to meet the challenge of biomedical and life science applications. They can be customized with dust-controlled options and specialized firmware fit for some of the most demanding medical, life sciences and biotech clients around the world.


FLIR Features for Biomedical and Life Science Imaging

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Low Light Imaging

Fluorescence imaging in cell biology and microscopy requires a high-sensitivity camera that can detect low intensity signals. FLIR offers a wide range of the most advanced CMOS sensors designed for this purpose.

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Advanced Color Reproduction

Key requirements when imaging applications such as histology, cytology, and cytogenetics are excellent color reproduction and high image resolution.

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Enhanced Dust Control Services

Every pixel counts when trying to image small-scale objects with both accuracy and reliability. FLIR offers enhanced dust control services to help ensure your devices are free from foreign particles that might obstruct or blur a magnified sample.

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To help clients meet testing, documentation, and regulatory requirements, we offer the option to lock camera firmware to a specific version, ensuring system reliability and longevity. This allows system designers to add multi camera setups or replace modules without changing APIs and software. 

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Compares and ranks the latest CMOS sensors including a guide to choosing the correct type of sensor.

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FLIR takes the extra steps needed to ensure strict production standards when engineering our machine vision cameras.

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FLIR Display and Image Settings for Life Sciences

Ensuring the camera has the right image settings and providing the correct post-processing is critical.

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OEM Support

FLIR supports your sales and product cycles with support of up to 10 years or more, with customization options including:

  • Custom firmware
  • Lens mounting
  • Advanced dust control
  • Additional combinations of sensor, form factor, and interface

FLIR is ready to provide you with compliance documentation including ISO certifications, product change notification, conflict mineral reports, ROHS, reach, and more.

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