FLIR Hack the Heat Challenge San Francisco Wrap-Up!

Hosting developer events is an important part of FLIR’s efforts to rally a global community of developers around creating cool new thermal imaging-focused apps and solutions for consumers.  Last weekend we hosted the 2016 Hack The Heat Challenge in San Francisco and the teams that created apps for at the event were truly amazing.

We had 70 developers participate for a weekend of learning, ideating, hacking, and making using FLIR’s Lepton microcamera module and FLIR ONE platform. The teams created a variety of fun, interesting, and useful consumer thermal imaging applications to compete for prizes valued at over $15,000. Special congratulations to the prize-winning teams, including:

  1. - FLIR Fib Detector (Grand prize)
  2. - AquaCheck (Best Fresh Hack)
  3. - ThermalCalling (Best Existing Hack)
  4. - Byte-B-Q (Best Fresh Make)
  5. - Thermal Baby Monitor (Best Existing Make)

Our most sincere thanks to everyone that participated. For information about the complete list of projects and the teams that submitted them, check out the page here.

Next up: Hack The Heat London at Google’s Campus London June 17th to 19th.  We’re very excited to see the London hackers and makers again, and we’re working on a couple of surprise challenges just for this event.  We’re teaming up with our friends from AngelHack again to host this event and it promises to be epic.  For more information about our Hack The Heat events click here.  See you in London!

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