Mid-Range Pan/Tilt Multi-Sensor with Spotlight


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The Ranger MS-UC EnforcIR™ is a unique deterrence system that builds on the impressive capabilities of the DefendIR™. Along with a daylight/low-light CCD camera and an uncooled VOx thermal imager, the Ranger MS-UC EnforcIR adds a high power spotlight to detect, deter, and temporarily disorient intruders. In fact, its 12 million candlepower spotlight can illuminate trespassers within a one-mile radius — ideal for perimeter security, border surveillance, crowd control, deterrence, and SAR operations.

A non-lethal deterrent

  • Thermal/Visible Camera + Powerful Spot

    The 26x zoom visible camera slaves to the FOV of the thermal camera and 12MCP spot light, maximizing threat assessment.

  • Bright Strobe Deters Trouble

    The high-powered spotlight temporarily blinds or disorients intruders, and alerts unwanted boat, car, and pedestrian traffic to leave restricted areas.

  • PTZ in a Ruggedized Housing

    With continuous zoom, tilt and 360° pan and sealed to NEMA 4/IP66 specifications, EnforcIR is ready for covert or non-covert deployment.

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